About Us

We formed Keep the Esplanade Beautiful (KEB) in September 2013 when we as local citizens recognized that by advocating for this treasure, we ensure that it remains clean, aesthetically pleasing and in good repair.  In 2017, KEB received its Federal recognition as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization for advocacy and education.

To enhance our Esplanade’s high quality of life, KEB disseminates educational information, collaborates with local officials, businesses and other like minded organizations and invites the local neighborhood communities and visitors to events that support the beauty and viability of the Esplanade.

The stunning views of the ocean, modern hardscape, the community gathering and wildlife habitats  including the endangered El Segundo blue butterfly make it the crown jewel for the City of Redondo Beach. Any given day, you can meet local neighbors from Redondo and other beach communities or the inland cities and even folks from across the US and around the world.

We welcome everyone to come and enjoy the Esplanade, visit and like us on Facebook and join us in our activities!